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Sarah brings a rich professional background, encompassing 5 years experience in the deep-tech venture capital industry.  Throughout this period, she played a pivotal role in various critical aspects of the business, demonstrating her proficiency in fundraising, sourcing, and the evaluation of new investment opportunities.

Her impact extended beyond these functions, as she provided crucial support for the growth of portfolio companies, with a focus on the European market.

Before entering the venture capital industry, Sarah built a solid foundation through her involvement in the medical and entrepreneurial sectors. Notably, she has made significant strides in the healthcare start-up landscape in France, underscoring her versatility and adaptability.

Her educational journey is equally impressive, holding a Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Bordeaux, a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Milano Bicocca, and a Master’s Degree in Statistics and Analysis from Bocconi University.

With her comprehensive skill set, diverse industry experience, and a proven track record of success, Sarah Binebine stands as a dynamic professional poised to make meaningful contributions to Eckuity Capital.