Dr Victoria Manax Rutson

Dr. Victoria Manax Rutson is an accomplished medical oncologist with over two decades of expertise in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, focusing on global drug/device development, nanomedicines, and product launch/commercialization. She has made indelible contributions to the field, particularly in shaping clinical trial landscapes with adaptive platform designs and biomarker integration.

Renowned for her innovative clinical trial designs, Dr. Manax played a pivotal role in the development, approval, and launch of billion-dollar products, including the standard of care for pancreatic cancer. Holding multiple executive positions in companies such as Celgene (BMS), Immunicom, and Duo Oncology, she has also served as the inaugural Chief Medical Officer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, earning recognition as a respected panelist among FDA and regulatory agencies worldwide. Effectively overseeing numerous multimillion-dollar global clinical trial programs, Dr. Manax holds multiple clinical advisories, chair positions, and patents, exemplifying her commitment to advancing medical science and patient well-being.

Over the last 16 years, Victoria has actively syndicated and participated in a range of investments, spanning venture debt, medical real estate, and Class A multifamily assets. Her strategic approach has led to the creation of a robust portfolio with an asset value surpassing $200 million.

An internationally recognized speaker, Dr. Manax has been featured in programs, including Harvard Business School, and is a proud recipient of the Belfast Ambassador award. She has received multiple distinguished honors, including Who’s Who in Healthcare, and was recently named as a government advisor to Northern Ireland for Health and Life Sciences.