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Nettwork Holdings is a distribution focused company that supports commercialization efforts across the healthcare ecosystem.

Ansella Therapeutics

Ansella Therapeutics is specialty pharmaceutical company that leverages biomimetic sciences to develop novel therapeutics that improve healthcare outcomes. The company’s initial focus is on women’s health, specifically in the development of novel vaginal formulations.


Entalpi is Artificial Deep Intelligence company, building untrained and trained AI models (consisting of both numerical and NLP models like LLMs) specifically to improve health and performance.

Avive Solutions

Avive is a MedTech company that has developed a next-generation automated external defibrillator (AED) and software solutions that revolutionizes the current sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) response. 

Endeavor Biomedicines

Endeavor’s ENV-101 is a second-generation Hedgehog inhibitor with a highly favorable efficacy and side-effect profile compared to the molecules currently in the market. ENV-101 inhibits target pathway by ~90% at all tested doses.

AWAK Technologies

AWAK Technologies is a clinical-stage, medical device company that has developed a disruptive peritoneal dialysis (PD) device based on revolutionary new filtration technology developed in-house.


Sanoculis has developed MIMS (Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy), for treating glaucoma – the only minimally invasive procedure that delivers excellent reductions in intra-ocular pressure but leaves no implant in the eye. A MIMS procedure can be performed in about 5 minutes and requires significantly less operator skill, this means lower skilled operators can treat a […]

Sonrai Analytics

Cutting-edge technology to enable discovery within precision healthcare. Sonrai’s ability to manage and analyze integrated data uniquely positions the company  to support biotech and pharma in the search for new drug development.

Enquyst Technologies

Enquyst Technologies is developing the next-generation biopharmaceutical manufacturing platform which aims to redesign the downstream bioprocess equipment to bring unprecedented advantages in cost, time, footprint, and speed to market at commercial scale.


An athlete-owned entity that supports non-drafting professional triathletes, the PTO is unique as a professional sports organisation in representing both pro women and men and through our athletes being self-determined co-owners.