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Size Does Matter!

Commercialization is key to success but the process starts with a deep understanding of the market opportunity.

The One-Handed Economist

Our views on the economy and where the markets are headed next; which sectors (and sub-sectors) to invest in and which markets to avoid.

Sharpening R&D Focus

Where is Big Pharma placing its bets? The upcoming ~$200B patent cliff and the stormy market conditions have significantly increased the pressure on Big Pharma to sustain pipelines while controlling costs. Most of the industry majors slashed their R&D budgets in 2022.

End of an Era

The era of investing in unproven bets is gone, for the foreseeable future, and only the truly innovative and commercially minded will survive.

The Bullish Recession

We believe that the “impending” recession is counterbalanced with strong economic data and once we start to peel the layers, we see a slightly different picture.